Why us?

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There are many competing manufacturers and even carpenters offering their own cabinets or constructing the various free and copied speaker plans from the net.

At meta acoustics we believe in our own designs, and want to get rid of the 'same old' styling of square black-box dynamics. This does not mean truck packing has to be a problem, with innovative modular fit design – where the mid-tops fit inside the bass cabs for larger applications.

With the modern world needing to become ever more efficient and to be more environmentally aware, our products are perfect to help your business, or even personal credentials, whilst looking strikingly modern and dynamic.

We try to source FSC certified woods and use modern water-based, cross-linking acrylic paints and glues to help minimise damage to the environment whenever possible – this is before talking of the efficiency of the speakers themselves, which lend themselves to low-powered, high efficiency eco-systems and fairs, or up to the full punch of high-powered stadium use.


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