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The Oblectroid is our newest no compromise full range solution to today's poorly catered install and monitor market.

The difference being not only outstanding looks but the technology behind it. The shape of the oblectroid along with it's massive round-overs on the corners, absolutely diminishes any baffle edge diffraction, causing notches in the frequency response, and helps to keep linear off axis pattern control.

It was originally commissioned as a one off order for the install on the MS Electra, which needed a cabinet with 70degree -6db controlled dispersion, to minimise reflections when installed in a large square room, whilst keeping a broad listening zone. This brought about the experimentation of our own type of modified oblate spheroid waveguide which is the only form of true constant directivity device.

Without using wave-front diffraction like a normal CD horn, which relies on stretching the wave-front unequally over a sharp edge within it's path-length. Which is meant to keep the wide dispersion and keep it linear up in the frequency range only on axis, but has the inherent problem of exponentially narrowing the beam-width and rolling off the top end off axis, until it becomes just a narrow directional beam of phasey mess, the more off axis you go, hence why not many manufacturers will show their polar plots.

As we all know, when filling a room with sound, nearly everyone will always be in the critical off axis zone, which is where we can use the oblectroid waveguide to keep a linear axial wave-front inside the waveguide, and then to transition out to the listeners cleanly, which keeps it's upper frequency bandwidth intact
across the listening zone, all the way to 20khz and beyond with the help of a state of the art 1" compression drivers.

Another novel concept was to use a 12" driver with a very low mechanical Q factor, which means it has a very strong motor and light but strong cone, this has the benefit that the impulse response is exceptionally quick, meaning fast accurate bass, and defined highs, with no ringing, unlike many other bass reflex type cabinets.
After all the experimentation and final install with a very happy customer we thought it sounded so good, we had to make more!


Oblectroid batch
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