Back view of Terra

The Terrahorn:

A no-compromise design for the discerning bass lover.

decorative line

Here at meta-acoustics we are proud to show the internal construction process, to help give a better understanding of how our horn works, and, what makes them stand out from the rest, because we have nothing to hide.

The major factor, is in our technique of layering up ply to form a perfect curving expansion, for the horn flares, which in turn, allows a distinct, uncoloured or band passed, harmonically clear sound. This use of sweeping curves helps to stop unwanted eddy flows and back reflections from harsh internal angles found in other designs.

We use a hyperbolic flare gradient with a medium influence close to exponential for improved distortion figures whilst keeping a high efficiency at horn cut-off frequency. This elevates and smoothes the predicted response shown, by around 3dB between 28-40Hz, whilst keeping control of excursion.

(The graph shows pure hyperbolic in 0.5pi, 1pi and 2pi, and then exponential in 0.5pi four terrahorns on the floor can be approximated as a combo of the two 0.5pi flares.)


Terras at Nottinghill Carnival
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